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Little Maples Cloth diapers can be summed up in the three powerful words above, if you would like to hear the long version, please read on!

PARENTHOOD is an unforgettable part of life.  It is the most important job you will ever have - the hardest job you will ever have!  But, ask anyone and you will almost always get the response: that they wouldn't change it for anything.  As a parent you want to do what is best for your child and we are so happy to be able to support parents with high quality products that will make your lives just a little easier.  We are here to help you get your parenting journey started in an amazing way!

When it all boils down to it, FAMILY is at the center of everything we do.  Little Maples is a family owned and operated business just outside of Red Deer, Alberta. Although it may be hard to imagine behind a screen, we are pretty normal people with a passion for local products, local business, eco-friendly options, and cloth diapers. I am a mom of two busy boys and a wife to a pretty awesome man.  Between putting band-aids on bo-bos, running kids to practices, and spending a day here or there at the beach, we are your pretty average family.  Yes, we are real people - and pretty easy going too - feel free to send us any questions you may have whether it be before purchase, after purchase, or even if you have purchased the same products we offer from somewhere else.  We would love to help!

A future where kids can go out and explore, experience, and enjoy NATURE is something that Little Maples is very passionate about.  Promoting a healthy tomorrow is so important to us and spreading the local business love by providing eco-friendly products is just one way we are working to do our part.  Teaching our future generations a deeper understanding and respect for nature is in your hands and we are so excited you have chosen to check our products out.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story, learn about us, and what Little Maples is all about!

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Allison Ramsay

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