Holly Bottoms Diaper Review

As you may know, Little Maples recently partnered with Holly Bottoms Diapers based out of Montreal Quebec to bring you the beautiful Painted Forest Exclusive Diaper!

While my two boys are no longer in cloth diapers, I thought it was important to really put this one size pocket diaper to the test - and I am so glad I did. Shortly after receiving the Holly Bottoms sample diaper, I then sent it off to Cold Lake, AB for testing. It wasn't very long until I got some adorable pictures back with excellent feedback on the great fit. After about a month of testing, here is what Sarah had to say about the Holly Bottoms one size pocket diaper.

I have used cloth on both my babies and love the benefits for my wallet as well as the environment. With my first I was using flats, Snappies, and rubber pants so when I had my second child two years ago and discovered snap covers and pre-folds. I thought it couldn't get any better.

Then Allison asked me to try a Holly Bottoms diaper.I fell in love with the cute colors and all the snaps for options that give this diaper a perfect fit. All the snaps are reinforced with backing and have a very secure closure, sometimes making them a little harder to undo. I decided to put the diaper to the test one afternoon and left it on for twice as long as I normally would to see if I could get a leak. Nope, nothing. A super soaked diaper but no leaks on my very active toddler.