The Real Cost of Cloth

Cloth diapers are better for the environment, easier on the skin, and can save your family some dough - but just how much?

Do you like math? I don't really - but let's dive right into it anyway!

In order to calculate we will need to make a few assumptions. Assuming that your child:

Potty trains at age 3

0-6mos using avg 10 diapers per day

6-18 mos using avg 8 diapers per day

18mos-3yrs using avg 6 diapers per day

*At 18mos we will assume that they are sleeping through the night and using less (let's all pause and have a good laugh at that statement)

Let's Calculate

0-6mos using avg 10 diapers per day means 182.5 days x 10 diapers = 1,825

6-18 mos using avg 8 diapers per day means 365 days x 8 diapers = 2,920

18mos-3yrs using avg 6 diapers per day means 547.5 days x 6 diapers = 3,285


Although the average cost per diaper will vary depending on your location, (in my area and where I shop) generic name brand diapers are approximatly $0.25ea CAD. That means:

DISPOSABLE 8,030 Diapers x $0.25ea = $2,007.50/child

Now that we know how much using disposables cost, let's do some rough calculating on what your investment into cloth diapers will be if you decide to go with the bare minimum. For a full system diaper the prices typically range from $20 - $30 dollars, so for figuring, let's assume each cloth diaper is $25. I recommend starting off with 24 diapers. So....

CLOTH 24 Diapers x $25ea = $600

You will save about $1,407.50 by using cloth diapers!

Now here is the part I like best. For every child you have your savings will increase because you have already made the investment. I used my one set of diapers on both my boys and passed them down to my nephew when we were finished with them.

Savings total after used by first child :$1,407.50

Savings total after used by second child: $3,415

Savings total after used by third child: $5,422.5

Have I convinced you yet? Have more questions? I'm always happy to help!

Ready to dive in? Check out our selection of cloth diapers here:​

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