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Prewashing for Success

You have your cloth diapers - check!

You have started using cloth diapers - check!

Your cloth diapers have started leaking - oh no!

Your cloth diapers have "smell" to them - oh no!

Don't Throw in the Towel Just Yet!

Usually there will be at least one point through cloth diapering when parents will run into either smell or leaking issues that can make you want to quit - but what if I told you the fix could be just as easy as the click of a button or the turn of a dial? Smell and/or leaking issues can almost always be fixed, but better yet - by starting out with a solid wash routine, you might be able to avoid this scenario all together. When people question me about how to wash their cloth diapers the very first thing I always ask is,

"Are you running a prewash cycle?"

The pre-wash cycle is crucial in having your diapers come out of the wash super clean and ready to absorb at their best. By running a pre-wash, you are rinsing away and bringing down the concentration of feces and urine so that when the main wash happens your detergent can work it's magic!

Have specific questions about your wash routine beyond the pre-wash? Whether you purchased your diapers from us, someone else, or they were handed down to you from your Aunt's third cousin - we are here to help! Email us your questions at and we would be happy to troubleshoot and provide advice. Happy washing!


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