Using Cloth Wipes - It's Easy!

So you are already cloth diapering, why not throw cloth wipes into the mix! Here are five reasons you should make the switch:

1. You are already doing diaper laundry anyway

Let's admit = mass amounts of laundry. But since you are already washing diapers you can just throw used wipes in with the diapers. No need for an extra load.

2. Thick and Textured

Do you ever wonder how much poop sinks through the disposable wipes and onto your fingers? With cloth wipes you don't have to worry. They are soft, thick, and if you opt for a natural fiber like bamboo or hemp, the weave of the fabric makes for a much easier clean.

3. No More Chemicals and Preservatives

Disposable wipes are designed to have a long shelf life which means they are packed full of chemicals and preservatives. With cloth you decide exactly what is coming into contact with your babies skin. We recommend having a mixture of water, castile soap, and coconut oil in a spray bottle handy at your change table. Wet the wipes with the spray right before use. Simple ingredients that clean and moisturize!

4. Reduce Waste

You have already reduced your child's ecological footprint greatly by switching to cloth diapers - this is an easy way to take it one step further!

5. Cost Effective

With cloth wipes you really get alot of bang for your buck. Natural fiber wipes like the AMP Hemp wipes come in at only about $1 each.

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