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What is the Deal with Wool Dryer Balls Anyway?

Dryer balls are said to reduce drying time, eliminate static, and therefore leaving you with soft, chemical free clothing. I have been an avid "dryer ball user" for the past five years and switching back to those dryer sheets hasn't crossed my mind since! I can personally attest that they really do work - here's how:

Reduce Drying Time: Adding dryer balls to your laundry routine will help to separate your clothes while tumble drying causing them to clump less and fluff more in turn reducing drying time significantly.

Reduce Static: Many dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners coat your clothing and dryer in an invisible chemical film to reduce static. Ever wonder why the use and care for nearly every cloth diaper brand specifically states no dryer sheets or fabric softeners? This coating can cause fabrics to repel moisture - obviously not good for cloth diapers! But you will also find that by switching to dryer balls your towels, facecloths, socks, etc will be much more absorbent. Rather than coating your diapers and clothing in a film, wool dryer balls actually break down the energy in your laundry and creates an energy balance within the fabric - SHOCKING! - (see what I did there haha).

Softens Fabric and Eliminates Odors - Naturally! Not only is wool natural and renewable, as an anti-static material it will reduce static therefore making your clothes and diapers touchably soft. Wool is antimicrobial so rather than covering your clothing with a scented film and masking odors, dryer balls will actually pull odors out of fabrics making for a clean, soft, and odor free load of laundry every time!

View our selection of Hypoallergenic Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls by clicking here.

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