Avoid a "Code Brown" with Cloth Swim Diapers!

Perhaps I am dating myself a bit here, but we all remember that iconic scene from the movie Caddy Shack, don't we? Taking your young children to the pool often raises a lot of questions like "What do I do if they poop? How long will I have to get out of the pool before the poop escapes? What is the best option for preventing a "code brown"?" Switching to re-usable swim diapers is one of the easiest ways to greatly reduce your chances of having the other children scrambling out of the pool shouting "doodie!" Here are the top 4 reasons to choose cloth swim diapers on your next trip to the pool or beach.

#1 Better Poop Containment

Disposable swim diapers often come with a large weight range that can be difficult to predict which size will fit best. Once parents do make a size selection, they often find that no matter which size is picked, the area around the legs and back (the areas most susceptible to poop escapage) are often not a snug fit. Cloth swim diapers, on the other hand, have soft stretchy elastics around the legs, back, and tummy creating a more comfortable and poop secure fit.

The question I get asked most often when showing people cloth swim diapers is "I see how this will hold in the solids, but it doesn't seem to be waterproof at all. What about the pee?" The truth is, swim diapers are not designed to hold in liquids at all! But don't be fooled, neither are disposable swim diapers. If you put either a disposable or cloth swim diaper on your child outside of the pool and they pee, the urine will simply just run down their legs. They are designed solely to keep the solids out of the pool. Totally grossed out? Don't worry, it has been this way for a long time! When there are kids in the pool, there will be likely be microscopic amounts of urine in the pool as well - but you have survived this long, haven't you? Choosing cloth swim diapers is your best bet for keeping the solids out of the pool, which is the real health risk, and why pools are shut down for a "code brown."

#2 Easier on the Skin

Simply put, cloth swim diapers are chemical free! Babies and children with sensitive skin often have troubles with irritation caused by disposables. Not only are chemicals used during the manufacturing process, but the material they are made of often causes skin chaffing and redness. This can be especially bothersome if you are planning to have a family day at the beach where your Little Maple will be in a swim diaper for an extended amount of time. Cloth swim diapers are made of soft breathable materials that will be more comfortable for those fun filled days at the beach or pool parties.

#3 Economical and Eco Friendly

Unless you frequent the pool or beach often, it can be hard to get through an entire pack of disposable swim diapers before having to move up to the next size. In Canada, 1 disposable swim diaper costs around $0.82, and, if purchased right at the pool can be even more costly. The disposable option is just that - disposable: Use then throw away whether they have been soiled or not. Cloth, on the other hand: Use, wash, repeat! You can also get one size fits all cloth swim diapers allowing you to use that same diaper throughout the duration of your Little Maple's diapering days!

#4 Easy to Use and CUTE!

Whether you are a cloth diapering pro, or have never touched a cloth diaper in your life, don't count cloth swim diapers out! They are just as easy to use as a disposable diaper and much more effective. With cloth swim diapers there is no stuffing, special wash routines, or special storage apparatuses. Simply snap on, use, wash, repeat! Not to mention they come in super cute colours and prints that will have you hesitant to even cover it up with a swim suit!

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