Following our Canadian Made Dream

The big switch is complete - Rump Arounds Cloth Diapers is now Little Maples Cloth Diapers! While we made the announcement of our re-branding over social media just a few short months ago, you may not know that these changes have been in the works for a very long time! I know many of our Rump Arounds customers probably have alot of questions - why aren't you manufacturing your own diapers anymore? What led you to make the decision to become a retailer rather than a brand owner?

While I am sure we will be met with a bit of disappointment that Rump Arounds products will be discontinued, we are so excited for the opportunity to follow our dreams and be able to offer Canadian made diapers to Canadian families! Read on to learn about our journey in following our Canadian Made Dream!


THE SEARCH FOR CANADIAN MADE BEGINS - When we took over the Rump Arounds business in early 2014 i started a to-do list, and on that list my #1 priority was bring the manufacturing of our diapers into Canada. Supporting local economy is so important to our family and this task was a must-do for us. While tackling this seemed a bit daunting at first I am a very methodical person so I thought this is totally do-able! 1. Research Canadian manufacturing facilities, 2. Request samples from multiple factories 3. Conduct Performance Tests and choose the best quality diaper. Easy, right? Well, nearly two years later, alot of dead ends, and after much disappointment we found out that...

made in Canada is not so easy.

AFFORDABILITY IS IMPORTANT TO US - We talked to many manufacturing facilities in the East, the most common responses we got were, we do not carry those materials, snaps are out of the question, and the cost was almost always too high - can you imagine paying $50+ for a diaper?! Yikes! Back to the drawing board.

SUCCESS! WELL ALMOST - After much research, many referrals, and so many hours put to the task, in early June this year we got some awesome news. A manufacturing company from Quebec was willing to manufacture our product. We were beyond overjoyed! They had all necessary fabrics and the cost - while a little higher than what we were used to was very reasonable. So we began to do our homework - we didn't want to leave any stone unturned. We began to make the preparations only to find out some very disappointing news. While we were dealing with a Canadian manufacturing company we soon learned that they outsource their manufacturing overseas, bring the products here to be labelled, then ship them to their customers. NOT what we were looking to achieve. Back to the drawing board.

THE DECISION TO LET GO - Rump Arounds has a huge place in our hearts! Over the past two years we have put in countless hours of work in building a reputable company and have taken great pride in seeing it grow an thrive...but something was still missing from the picture - our Canadian Made Dream. It was time to let go of that huge place in our hearts and make room for something bigger, better, something that is more aligned with our values not only as a Canadian, but as a cloth diapering parents ourselves.

LIVING THE DREAM - I wanted to be able to offer Canadian products to Canadian families. I wanted to be able to say that I am supporting the hard working Canadian moms that have put in the time designing their own diapers and having them made here. Although the journey was long and there was alot of learning I had to do along the way, now I am so happy to be able to say that I AM LIVING (and supporting) THE CANADIAN MADE DREAM!

While we are sad to move away from offering our own diapering brand to our customers, Little Maples is proud to be a new retailer of Canadian Made diapers! Thanks for taking the time to read about our journey and what is important to us. If you have any questions for us you can always reach us at We look forward to chatting about all things cloth with you in the future!

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