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Easy Peasies One Size All In Two Diaper

Easy Peasies One Size All In Two Diaper

C$17.49 Regular Price
C$9.62Sale Price

The new one size diaper cover from Easy Peasies® was designed to suit the needs of babies, toddlers, and help make overnight diapering simple.


You can starting using this diaper at around 12 lbs for optimal fit, and up to 5 years (55 lbs).


Diaper covers have long been loved for their economical method of use. Simply swap out the absorbent pad of your choice, be it a trifold, flat, or insert, wipe the cover clean and lay in a new absorbent pad. This significantly reduces the amount of covers needed to cloth diaper your child.


Each end of the diaper features a half PUL pocket, designed to keep your absorbent inserts from peaking out the front, or back of your diaper limiting leaks.

Each diaper is made with our famous super-stretchy waterproof PUL fabric.


In the front you will find 3x5 rise snaps giving you added space to boost absorbency or accommodate your growing little.


The waist has 2 rows of 20 snaps and double crossover adjustments to maximum fit range.

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