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AMP All In One

AMP All In One

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$11.00Sale Price

AMP Stay dry AIO’s are the easiest cloth diapers ever!These diapers go on and off just like a disposable. Just the right amount of stretch means that baby can move around freely.The super absorbent core is made of 4 layers of micro-fiber for a soft squishy feel and quick drying time.

The super soft fleece wicks wetness away from baby so baby stays dry and comfortable. Our hook and loop tabs stay looking like new and really do stay put in the wash and on your little one.

No need for doublers, covers or stuffing. Wrap your baby is this soft, trim, absorbent diaper and you’re good to go!

These diapers are perfect for baby-sitters, grandparents and daycares.


Small fits aprox. 6-14lbs
Medium fits aprox. 12-22lbs
Large fits aprox. 18-38lbs

  • AMP Warranty


    • Elastic: 6 months
    • Sewing Defects: 60 days


    Problems with fit, leaking, repelling or detergent residues are not covered by our warranty and will not be replaced.

    Diapers are typically washed every couple of days. Like any frequently washed item they will eventually wear out. While we make our diapers as durable as possible, we cannot guarantee that they will last through more than one child. It is likely that they will last through multiple children if washing instructions are followed and diapers are used in a good sized rotation.


    It is important that diapers are well rinsed and do not have an ammonia smell after the baby wets this is caused by detergent not being rinsed out. This may cause elastic to wear out faster, not to mention the possible cause of rashes on your baby.

    If you believe your diaper/diapers have a defect and they are still under warranty, please contact us.


    All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt. Defective diapers will be replaced or repaired at our discretion.

    Please note, we will not handle diapers that are not clean and free from odors.

  • Washing Instructions


    Store wet and dirty diapers in a dry pail. Older babies’ solid waste can be removed by gently shaking the diaper over a toilet. Some parents prefer to use flushable liners, reusable stay-dry fleece liners or a diaper sprayer for easier clean-up. For pocket diapers, remove the absorbent inserts before tossing the diapers into your pail.



    • Run a cold rinse with no detergent, then wash on hot with 1/6-1/4 of the recommended amount of detergent for your washing machine type.
    • Rinse well to ensure all detergent is removed from diapers. With a front loading washer, you may have to run an extra rinse or a delicate cycle that adds more water, followed by a rinse cycle to spin out more water.
    • Hang to dry or dry on medium heat.


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